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The Cosy Comforts Team

The Cosy Comforts Team

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CLOSING DOWN SALE, EVERYTHING MUST GO. Unfortunately Cosy Comforts will be closing, we only have limited stocks and sizes and when it is gone, it is gone. Thank you for your business.

Hello, welcome to our site.

I hope you like our specially selected range of Traditional Overall, Tabards and Aprons. As the traditional haberdashery shops in the high street and market stalls have slowly declined there is still a demand for  our carefully selected range of lightweight, easy-to-wear Overalls.  Browse at your leisure and please email or call us if we can be of any help to you.

Cosy Comforts  protects your clothing

We have carefully selected a range of Traditional - easy to wear -  garments which protects your clothing while you go about your everyday chores.  Whether it's cleaning, cooking, protection from spills we have  just the right thing. Either in the work place or at home. All Made in Britain.


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